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Flutter UI Toolkit: Also available for Ubuntu distributions

Flutter UI Toolkit: Also available for Ubuntu distributions

Recently, the first was announced (alpha) version of Flutter UI toolkit, for Ubuntu-based operating systems. After a great deal of collaboration between Google and Canonical, the first version of the app is now available for developers who prefer the Linux.

Although still in its infancy, the application is available to all users, through ubuntu Snap (Ubuntu's universal package manager). In addition, users have the ability to upload their applications to its app store Canonical, which is called Snap Store.

What exactly is Flutter?

Flutter, then, is an open source platform, and is the union of the UI Framework, with the SDK (Software Development Kit). Using the platform, users can create various applications, which are compatible with many of the mobile, web and desktop platforms.

One of the best features of the platform is the comfort with which users can build a complex program. While Flutter's capabilities are many, working with it is easy and does not require much knowledge. By knowing the Dart language, users can easily create applications for Android, Web, macOS, Windows and Linux.

Flutter for Linux:

Although today the support of the platform is great, in the beginning, Flutter only supported Android and iOS applications. Later, Google decided to add support for Web and desktop platforms. After the release of the first version with support for MacOS, the company has decided that it wants to add many of the Linux distributions.

Of course, Ubuntu's choice is not accidental. As is well known, the Ubuntu is the most popular distribution based on Linux. By choosing it, Google is targeting a larger portion of the Linux audience. On the other hand, Canonical announced that it will continue to work with google to improve application support from the operating system.

How to install Flutter:

It is important to know that installing Flutter requires that you already have snap installed. While many of the features come with a pre-installed snap, it's a good idea to make sure this exists in system your. You can then proceed to install Flutter by opening a terminal and typing:

sudo snap install flutter –classic

Once the Flutter installation is complete, you can open a Text editor and start creating your application.


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