HomesecurityThe U.S. military is taking new steps to stop hackers

The U.S. military is taking new steps to stop hackers

The US military is also working to take advantage of cloud migration and at the same time ensure data security from hackers.

Cloud migration, which is spreading across the service at lightning speed, of course brings a number of unprecedented advantages, such as more ubiquitous data access, wider information sharing and what could be called almost immediate ability to download data needed to quickly make some battle-sensitive decisions. The advantage of the cloud is often described as "concentrated" information with "decentralized" networking, execution and transmission information.

army of hackers

"Ammunition is sensors, airplanes are sensors. I just see a plethora of sensors. Everything ends up in the data. When it comes to the cloud, there's going to be some space to transfer that data, "said General John Murray.

Murray and his counterpart Bruce Jette are working to speed up cloud migration, while also offsetting additional risks. security possibly introduced by the procedure. In addition to the massive acceleration of critical warfare networking, the cloud may also present vulnerabilities due to the extensive access of potential hackers in case they are able to violate a single entry point. Part of the answer or approach to this challenge, which aims to maximize the benefits of the cloud while reducing the risk of hackers, is to implement a transfer organization. data and scaling.

"If you're thinking about what the cloud is, it's a hard disk server that can run programs remotely or transfer data through a network. I don't always want to download all the data, but only the most suitable ones information Jette told The National Interest in an interview.

Also, as part of this full equation, there are cases where the use of the cloud may have additional security benefits through updates. software and increased virtualization. Going beyond a more unique focus on perimeter security or the hardware, the initiatives in cyber security can have a wide range in the cloud through virtualized improvements. In essence, the upgrades software can affect an entire network in relation to a more limited application.

Jette, who oversees between 600 and 800 acquisition programs, spoke of the long-term effort to change systems so that they are more resistant to cyber threats.

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