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Microsoft Office updates: Fix issues in Word and Skype

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office updates: Fix issues in Word and Skype

Η Microsoft released them non-security updates July for Microsoft Office, which include improvements and repairs for issues that affect Office 2016 editions and Office 2013.

The update KB4484439, for example, faces one error leading to waiting or delay problems in Office 2016, when opening Word documents with customized XML values ​​with many gaps.

Version KB4484326 fixes a problem affecting it Skype for Business 2016, when the users trying to open a chat window, and an error that leads to inability to connect to Skype after sleep mode.

Η Microsoft also corrected one error who does it Excel not responding properly (KB4484437).

Word Skype
Microsoft Office updates: Fix issues in Word and Skype

The list of not-Office security updates, for July 2020

Three of the new Office updates apply to the entire Office 2016 and Office 2013 software suites, while three others face issues affecting Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2013 and Skype for Business 2016.

July 2020 updates can be installed manually by Microsoft Download Center, via Microsoft Update Catalog as standalone packages or through it service Microsoft Update for automatic installation.

These updates are valid for Office only products based on Microsoft Installer (.msi).

The full list of updates is available in the table below.

Office productKnowledge Base article
Microsoft Office 2016KB4484439
Microsoft Office 2016KB4484174
Microsoft Excel 2016KB4484437
Skype for Business 2016KB4484326
Microsoft Office 2013KB4484442
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013KB4484349

Some updates may require a restart

After applying some updates to Microsoft Office, you may need to do so reboot computer your.

If after the update, notice Office problematic behavior, you can uninstall it information by following these steps:

Go to "Start", type "View Installed Updates" in the "Windows Search" box, and then press "Enter."

Locate and select Troubleshooting, and then select "Uninstall."

Depending on the Office update you need to apply, you may need to install other updates to fully resolve Windows issues. computer (for example, version KB4484326 requires the installation of KB4011669 for Office 2016).


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