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Uber boat: The Uber ship in collaboration with Thames Clippers

Uber has unveiled its next travel plan, and it's about cooperation of with Thames Clippers and the construction of the Uber Boat.

Uber boat: The Uber ship in collaboration with Thames Clippers

His company San Francisco has covered several modes of transport, such as taxes, bicycles and electrically scooter.

Working with Thames Clippers for Uber Boat seems to be the company's next move to dominate the transportation industry.

The multi-year partnership will begin later this summer, with river boats bearing the brand name Uber Boats by Thames Clippers.

You will be able to travel along the river, from the 23 docks in London, from Putney until the Woolwich Arsenal. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets either through it application Uber, which will be available for scanning codes QR, so you can board the ship intact or via existing ones services, such as cards without επαφή and Oyster.

The company has tested various Uber Boat services, such as the Croatian cruise service with a capacity of up to eight passengers, as well as boat services in Cambridge, for a weekend in August last year. However, this is the first time that a regular service has been offered.

In this regard, the Uber Regional Director General for the North and East Europe, Jamie heywood, stated:

«Many Londoners are looking for new ways to travel to the city, especially now that they are starting to return to works their. Later this summer we will release Uber Boat from Thames Clippers in London as a means of travel on the river and on the road, through the Uber app. "

The two companies place particular emphasis on the benefits of river travel. Before the pandemic, Thames Clippers carried 1,4 passengers per square meter, which has now been reduced to 0,85. In contrast, the London Underground initially carried five to seven people per square meter, and the London Transport Authority managed to reduce it to 1,3 passengers.

Uber boat Thames Clippers
Uber boat: The Uber ship in collaboration with Thames Clippers

The social distance measures of the boats want all the trips to be completely intact, while the passengers have to wear masks face and staff to have protective equipment.

Every year over 4,3 million People cross the River Thames on their travels and travels, and more than 40% of passengers said they would prefer to use the Uber Boat as an alternative means of sightseeing in the city.

Thames Clippers co-founder and CEO Sean Collins added:

«The new partnership unites Thames Clippers and Uber, who both have it very high safety, The reliability and άνεση. It will allow us to connect the two modes of travel, the river and the road, giving Londoners and visitors even more options for moving, visiting, exploring and enjoying the city along the river.. "


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