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Tesla technology helps detect crime!

A Norwegian police station is looking for owners cars of Tesla with Sentry Mode, to help her find out murder.

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Tesla technology helps detect crime!

But let's see how it has evolved story so far. On Sunday night, someone tried to burn down his house Mayor of Sandefjord, Bjørn Ole Geditsch. The city of Sandefjord is located in Norway, and more specifically in the southern part of Oslo.

The local police is investigating the case as an assassination attempt and according to city news, there are no suspects so far.

However, since Norway is full of Tesla vehicles, police have thought of one smart way to get to the end of the thread. He calls all neighborhood vehicle owners, with Sentry Mode, to see if even one car has recorded someone suspicious.

Sentry Mode is a complete system monitoring, integrated into the Tesla vehicles it uses Autopilot cameras around the car. When enabled, it starts recording automatically as soon as it detects any movement around it.

In similar cases, the owners of such vehicles have notified material recorded by Sentry Mode and has been viral, with the result that the perpetrators are unable to withstand the online pressure and surrender to the authorities.

Other times, video footage helped police identify and find the vandals.

But this is the first time we've learned that the police are looking for the owners of Tesla's technology to help with crime investigations.

You need some accessories to make the tracking system and TeslaCam work. We recommend it Jeda's Model 3 USB hub, so you can use the other plugs and hide the Sentry Mode. For the drive unit, you can use one Samsung portable SSD, after modifying it, which provides huge capacity and you can also hide it in the Jeda hub.

Tesla technology helps detect crime!

Of course, this is something that can only be done in Norway, as it has so many Tesla vehicles that if something happens it is more likely to be recorded by Sentry Mode than by local channels.

Recently, it was reported that the police bought cars with Sentry Mode instead of the usual surveillance technology.

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