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Virgin Media's network has stopped working again

Virgin Media's network has faced another vacation operation, which affected several of them users of.

Virgin Media

According to the company's customers, they did not have access to it Internet, as a result of problems that obviously arose in the network.

The company asked those who complained to Twitter to check the service status page, which informs them of any downtime, but some said they could not access the site either.

As he said DownDetector, the issue arose yesterday at noon, around 13:00, UK time.

The outbreak affected users across the country, in cities such as Nottingham, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, and some users in Glasgow and Belfast were also affected.

Seventy-seven percent of users experienced a malfunction of the wired Internet, 18 percent had problems with their mobile phone data, while a small percentage of three percent of users did not have a TV signal.


It is not yet clear what led to the shutdown, but the company said it was a local issue that has now been resolved.

In a statement, a Virgin Media spokesman said: "We have rectified the local problem that has resulted in our customers in the Nottingham area temporarily losing their broadband services. We apologize for any inconvenience. "

However, this is not the first time Virgin Media has addressed such an issue. Just last month, the service was suspended again users throughout the country.

In 2018, Virgin Media reportedly served 5,9 million Internet users across the country and provided support to 3,1 million mobile phone customers.


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