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IPhone 12 release: Will we finally see it by the end of 2021?

New data on the release of the iPhone 12, which we all expect not to happen in September, say that it will be only 2 months late!

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IPhone 12 release: Will we finally see it by the end of 2021?

According to new information from Nikkei Asian Review, it is confirmed that the new smartphone Apple will not be coming soon, but speculation that its release will be postponed for next year is rejected.

The data says that the iPhone 12 it will only take a month or two, due to production delays.

His predictions Nikkei in March, they reported the news model «it will be several months late", And that there is a possibility that it will be released next year.

One of his sources claims that Apple "does what it can to launch the new model as quickly as possible. ” Of course, it does not rule out additional delays that may arise, as some of the final plans "have not yet been decided».

The report says that the reason for the delay is basically the sections that concern it 5G. The iPhone 12 that will support faster mmWave 5G network is 2 months behind, while the release of its models sub-6 GHz 5 is between one and 1,5 months back.

In addition, it is said that Apple is increasing the production of some older models, including the iPhone XR, to fill the gap. iPhone 11And iPhone SE.

IPhone 12 release: Will we finally see it by the end of 2021?

The models that are expected to be released are four and, in particular, two lower costs screen 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch, and two premium 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. All models will have a screen OLED, but some will support a refresh rate of 120Hz and connection 5G.

The new iPhone 12 will also have an upgraded system Face ID and LIDAR sensor at the rear. In addition, the two more expensive models will have a larger battery and 3x optical zoom. Let's not forget the rumors that want the charger and headphones to be absent from new packaging.


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