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MySQL: Replaces terms that reinforce racial discrimination

Its developers database MySQL announced that they were going to replace terminology such as master, slave, blacklist, and whitelist.

MySQL: Replaces terms that reinforce racial discrimination

In a post blog, the MySQL team said it did not want to use these terms in the source code database, and will replace them with new ones like source, replica, blocklist, and allowlist, Respectively.

This group manages the second most popular internet database engine according to DB-Engines. However, he did not explain how the decision to change the terminology was made.

Of course, MySQL's move comes at a time when many other businesses and . programs began to remove the same terms from the code bases, on the grounds that they are a "harmful and harsh language»That promotes the racial discrimination.

Two days after the announcement by the team of developers, his technicians Twitter They also announced similar plans to replace the terms in internal tools and open source programs.

According to the company, Twitter technicians are going to remove nine sensitive terms, and more specifically: whitelist, blacklist, master / slave, grandfathered, pronouns, man hours, sanity check, and dummy value.

MySQL: Replaces terms that reinforce racial discrimination

Other companies that have recently promised to make the changes that MySQL is making are GitHub, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Ansible, Splunk, Android, Go, PHPUnit, Curl, OpenZFS, OpenSSL, and JP Morgan.

This tendency to replace the terms took off due to the movement "Black Lives MatterWhich was triggered by his death George floyd, on May 25.

The main goal of this effort is to make technological products and IT environments that will be more friendly to people of color. Some members of the technology community described the move as "shallow and useless action", While they do not consider it helpful for people of color and the restriction of racism.

It should be noted that a work published in academic journals has long argued that the continued use of racial terms exacerbates racism.


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