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Reddit in the list of applications that spy on clipboards

The application Reddit added to their list iOS applications that spying clipboards, or accessible data without a user's permission.

Reddit in the list of applications that spy on clipboards

«We traced its part code in the post editor that controls them URLs on pasteboard and then suggests a title for the article based on the content of the URL texts, ”a Reddit spokesman told The Verge.

«We do not store or share pasteboard contents. We have removed this code and will release the correction to July 14. "

Several celebrities applications third parties have been found to they copy secretly clipboards, thanks to the operation of its new software Apple, iOS 14 beta. IOS 14 has the ability to alert users when an application does this.

As we have mentioned in the previous days, among the applications that turned out to do so are: TikTok, Fox News, New York Times, Reuters, but also many more like them LinkedIn, Twitter, et al.

LinkedIn said copying the clipboards came from a bug, and stated that the repair process is underway. Tik Tok claimed access used to detect fraud, for verification “erepetitive unwanted behavior», And then released an iOS update that removes it.

Reddit in the list of applications that spy on clipboards

Prior to the release of iOS 14 beta, two developers warned iPhone and iPad users about apps that had access to clipboards. This new iOS security feature has been added for this reason there is no longer a way for applications to read their content without informing users.

Until the official release of the new Apple software for the public, it is recommended to users who are worried about spy clipboards, overwrite the content, especially when copying personal data such as codes, credit cards, encryption keys and anything else. This can be done by typing a word on any website or application and selecting "copy»In the popup menu.


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