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Lenovo is improving Linux ThinkPads but the problems remain

Last month, when Lenovo announced that it was going to certify the series ThinkPad for use with operating systems Linux, we directly thought of a specific device, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2.

Since its announcement, an astonishing number of hardware updates for the X1 Extreme have been unveiled.

Last year, the fingerprint reader Synaptics This particular Lenovo ThinkPad didn't work until about two weeks ago, when it received an update that fixed the problem.

As is usually the case with Linux compatibility, there are some issues. You can connect to your fingerprint, but it does GNOME 3 will not unlock until you enter a password, so it is best to enter a password when logging in and use the fingerprint to unlock the lock screen.

The biggest problem with Lenovo's X1 Extreme was the hybrid graphics setting, which at the time was clearly a choice between its use. Nvidia GPU or built-in graphics Intel. However, we managed to find a solution to this through documentation and settings for xorg.conf.


Another problem that needs to be addressed is battery life.

Part of the problem is that due to the operation of hybrid graphics and that there is no way in the control panel of Nvidia or in BIOS to completely deactivate the But by the full GPU acceleration tech, absorbs a quantity of power, even if it is small.

If you visit him site of Lenovo you will see that it states that this device has a lifespan of up to 14 hours. This prediction is at least two, if not three, more than its actual duration.

After months of use, every time the laptop says it has a battery for more than 4 hours, it's a good time to connect it to its charger. Watch Lenovo forums and you will see that regardless of whether you are using Linux or not Windows, this advice is necessary in both cases.

Lenovo must ensure that it is able to provide a proper, workable and optimized Linux distribution from day one. Not months later, when users will be looking for posts on the forum for issues that are very similar to what they are currently facing.


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