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Facebook: Internet security program launches in India!

Facebook, which attracts more users than any other international company in India, is taking a new initiative to support and promote education, combined with the internet, in the country. Specifically, the tech giant has partnered with the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) India, a government body overseeing private and public education schools to launch a new certified curriculum for teachers and students across the country and online safety and prosperity as well as the augmented reality. In this way, Facebook and CBSE aim to prepare high school students for current and emerging jobs and help them develop skills for safety. tour on Internet, to make choices that prove they are "well informed", as well as to think about their mental health. Facebook has stated that it will provide this training program in various phases. In the first phase, more than 10.000 teachers will be trained. In the second, 30.000 students will be trained. The three-week augmented reality (AR) training will cover the basics of new technology and how to use Facebook's Spark AR Studio to create augmented reality experiences.

In a statement, Ramesh Pokhriyal, India's Minister of Human Resources Development, urged teachers and students to apply for the program, which begins today, July 6, 2020.

Facebook has stepped up its efforts in recent years to raise awareness and warn the public about the "bad" side of technology, as many abuse its services. platform of. Last year, he partnered with telecommunications giant Reliance Jio Platforms, to which he will eventually invest $ 5,7 billion to launch Digital Udaan, the largest digital literacy program ever for first-time internet users. India is the largest market for Facebook users. In addition, his guide Instagram. for building “healthy” digital habits, developed in collaboration with the Jed Foundation and the Young Leaders for Active Citizenship, aims to help young people better understand the socio-emotional space in which they operate, as well as engage in relevant discussions .

Manoj Ahuja, President of CBSE, expressed his excitement that the CBSE is the only Board of Directors that has introduced the sections on Digital Security and Online Wellness, Instagram Toolkit for Adolescents and Increased Reality. He added that the integration of technology and online security in the school curriculum will ensure that students not only gain knowledge to succeed in the digital economy, but also learn and collaborate in a secure online environment.

The announcement comes after New Delhi began shutting down nearly 60 services developed by Chinese companies for cybersecurity reasons. One of the services affected by India's decision was its popular implementation TikTok. The service, managed by Chinese giant ByteDance, reaches more than 200 million users in India, most of whom live in small towns. TikTok started working with several content creators and companies in India last year to supplement the short video form service with educational video.


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