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Do your colleagues on social media block you too?

Your colleagues on social media are also blocking you; Many have criticized by colleagues for what publish in social media, or often scared to say what they really think.

Do your colleagues on social media block you too?
Do your colleagues on social media block you too?

Many times it can be difficult for employees to separate it their professional life by social, since the majority of them people uses social media.

We can often feel uncomfortable, since in reality we cannot publish what we want without fear of criticism from colleagues.

As well as our views on it work may have changed during duration quarantine, we may be more critical of the office's internal processes and how we work with communication networks.

Ontario-based digital workplace solutions provider, Igloo Software, he revealed data about how employees see the use of social media when they're going to connect with colleagues and how that affects their psychology for the content they want to share.

More than a dozen people took part in the poll 2.000 employees of organizations and above 5.000 employees in various industries, from beginners to senior.

Maybe his pandemic COVID-19 to force us to stay home and adjust, but the research showed that the 36% of employees cannot work at home and 8% worked full time from home.

However, most employees will consider returning to office work rather than working from home. Many of them, the 79%, faced challenges that office workers do not face.

The 44% replied that they lose important information due to remote communication, the 43% stated that they have been excluded from meetings and 28% that they do not receive information about the change of confidentiality or procedures.

The data showed that 3 out of 4 employees are connected to their colleagues on social media. The majority of them, the 82%, uses it Facebook, follows the Instagram with 52%, the LinkedIn with 45%, and finally it Tik Tok with 10%.

Do your colleagues on social media block you too?

Of these, the 72% does not post posts on social media because their colleagues may see them. The 52%, above the waist, feel disconnected when they see their partners uploading photos and socializing.

The research concerns periods with intense political action on social media, although then they should feel stronger talking instead of staying silent. Of course, when to express your opinion means that you will lose your jobWell, it's probably smarter to keep it to yourself.

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