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iOS 13.5.1: iPhone users report battery issues

iOS 13.5.1 iPhone

Have you noticed any changes to your iPhone lately? Does his battery run out, for example? If so, you are not the only one with this problem. Many iPhone users report that after installing iOS 13.5.1, they charge it mobile more often than not. In addition, it has been observed that the iPhone overheats even when not in use. Apparently, this news version of iOS has a problem with the battery.

The iOS 13.5.1 update was released on June 1 and seems to be more of a fix for Unc0ver jailbreak. This seems strange, as the users of iOS 13.5, complained about many more errors, which was associated with battery depletion and problems with MP4 playback, while some Appliances made frequent restarts at irrelevant moments.

Some analyzes have shown that the problem with the battery is probably related to applications executed in the background.

To see if you have a problem with your iPhone's battery, follow these steps: go to Settings> Battery and then look at it Screen Off activity. If it's more than an hour, there's probably a problem. If it's close to one o'clock, there may still be an impact on your cell phone battery.

You can also click “Show activity” next to “Activity per application”. There you can see if some of them applications consume battery in the background. A small activity is normal, but if it shows many minutes or hours, there is a problem.

One consequence is that the iPhone overheats even when not in use.

Is there anything you can do about it?

All you can do to reduce the problem is to delete them applications consuming a lot of battery or turn off the background app refresh (Settings> General> Application update in the background).

The good news is that Apple is already working on it iOS 13.6, which is currently in beta version. Let's hope the new version fixes these issues.


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