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Apple: Prohibits updating Chinese Apps without permission

Apple bans them developers to update existing ones applications of its App Store China if they do not have its approval government.

Apple: Prohibits updating Chinese Apps without permission

According to reports by Financial Times and Telegraph UK on Wednesday, the company is now asking developers for approval from the country's government if they want to update an App Store app.

Until 30 June Apple allowed the download games in the country, while developers were waiting to receive it permission their. As early as February, the company had warned about the issue, and from July 1 any unlicensed application will not be able to be upgraded.

They may be affected at least 21.000 App Store applications, the Telegraph UK reported.

The company's move comes at a time when Beijing seems to be pushing it coercion regulations against American technology industries due to aincreased tension with the US government.

«No one knows for sure that Apple managed to postpone it enforcement of the 2016 licensing rule for such a long time. But given that the trade war USA-Kinas started heating earlier this year, the moment he chose to do so seems suspicious,"He said Todd Kuhns, Marketing Director of the advisory team AppInChina.

Compared to other countries, China has the largest App Store market of any. Last year annual profits of the company only for the Chinese market reached $16.4 billions. That same year, the US market generated $ XNUMX billion in revenue15.4 billions, according to research firm information data Tower Sensor.

Apple: Prohibits updating Chinese Apps without permission

This decision could cost Apple a fortune loss of at least $ 879 million from its annual revenue, according to AppInChina estimates and Financial Times information.

The next step was their fall shares of, while the closing of the stock market found the value of each share lower by 0,19% in $364.11. This was done on Wednesday and remained stable in the next few hours.

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