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CyberPhone: Caviar's new iPhone inspired by Tesla

It came CyberPhone of Caviar, one iPhone with a different design from the one we are used to, while it will remind them CyberTruck of Tesla.

cyberphone caviar
CyberPhone: Caviar's new iPhone inspired by Tesla

Caviar, a company known for creating incredible and luxurious iPhone modifications, is working on one design which will make the iPhone 11 look like Cybertruck.

The CyberPhone Caviar, which was built, is made of titanium and its design with many angles is reminiscent of Tesla trucks. The company has made some publications for sale, but the starting price starts at $ 6,910, so we understand it's not one mobile for everyday buyers.

The information is not about that model titanium, but an aluminum model, which is also slightly cheaper than the version sent to customers. The back of the official version of CyberPhone is made of titanium with a PVC cover, with notches and buttons that allow the phone to work like a normal iPhone, but with a different design.

Since the extra housing adds a lot of volume to the iPhone, there's a special tool SIM output so that you can remove its slot from the deep notch of the housing.

It also has its own square opening camera on the back, which we saw on this year's iPhone 11, and is accompanied by the caption "CAVIAR».

At photo you may notice a crack in the glass part of the CyberPhone housing. O Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, managed to break the window of a CyberTruck during the unveiling, so the company can only aim at authenticity. The non-glass part of the case looks more durable, but it is also very heavy.

There are several scratches on the perimeter of the mobile phone, which is aluminum, although titanium can also wear out. Of course, visible scratches are not desirable on a phone that costs so much.

CyberPhone: Caviar's new iPhone inspired by Tesla

The cheapest model is the CyberPhone Light, but the basic version is priced at around $ 7.680, and has a folding cover that goes down and can cover the screen when the phone is not in use. Note that it can also be converted to a database, which is also not included in the cheaper version.

Modified iPhones like this are more practical but target a specific audience. However, it's fun to take a look at these crazy products as well. We have no idea who can buy these Caviar devices, but they will certainly be enough since such companies often release something new.


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