HomesecurityA transport organization in Fort Worth was attacked by ransomware

A transport organization in Fort Worth was attacked by ransomware

Transportation organization

Another government agency based in Texas It has fallen victim ransomware attack, as shown by data published by Criminals behind NetWalker ransomware. The data show that the target of the ransomware attack was the Trinity Metro, a transport organization in Fort Worth.

According to the organization's site, Trinity Metro makes 8 million passenger trips a year.

"Due to a technical problem we encountered this morning, all of our telephone lines are down, including the customer service line and the ACCESS booking system." said Trinity Metro on July 1st. The transport agency advised passengers to call a special phone number or send a message via Facebook if some have planned a trip or to plan future trips as much as system is off.


The transport agency also made a similar tweet, and a little later that day, said "Our IT team is working hard to resolve the issue that shut down our telephone lines this morning."

Η NetWalker ransomware gang has uploaded to website of more than 200 files, with information apparently stolen from the transport agency before its systems were shut down. This tactic has become very common in recent months. The hackers they first steal the victims' files and then encrypt them systems. They then threaten to expose the data, if any victims do not pay them ransom.

Some of Trinity Metro's stolen files are related to accounting, human resources, etc.

On May 14, The Texas Department of Transportation also fell victim to an attack ransomware. Researchers have linked the attack to a new ransomware called Ransom X. One week ago, another government agency was in the same position. In August 2019, one organised attack ransomware hit the systems of 22 small towns in Texas.

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