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Parler: The new social media free expression… of conservatives

The new platform SOCIAL MEDIA Parler, will become the home of many conservatives, as they report, there can be freely expressed.

Parler: The new social media free expression… of conservatives

Last week the Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., And Ted Cruz, R-Texas, announced in Twitter that they will start using this platform social media.

"E.I'm proud to be in @parler_app - a platform that knows what free expression means - and I'm excited to be a member,"He said Cross, while many others followed.

Parler was founded in August 2018, and was described as a "impartial»Social media platform that focuses on free expression and user interaction. In recent days, the platform has become a destination for many conservatives have been criticized for their views on popular applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, as with other online platforms, free speech has its limitations, as it has excluded many users who have been fooling conservatives. Specifically, a user posted on tweet:

«Almost all my leftist friends entered application to upset the movement's friends MAGA (Make America Great Again), and each of them was excluded in less than 24 hours, why conservatives really love free expression. "

Parler's CEO, John matze, in an interview given to CNBC On Wednesday, he said the company kept its promise and would continue to defend free speech.

"Our general assumption is that we believe in the good of Americans as a whole and that people should be able to have these conversations. People don't like to be told what to think, they don't want to be told what to say. "

Twitter, the Facebook and other social media are still under pressure from Republicans for the posts to be deleted. For years, conservatives claimed that social media they are silenced unjustly, although many Republican politicians enjoy having a large audience.

In recent weeks, that pressure has risen sharply since Twitter posted many of its posts. <br><br>Donald Trump, as misleading. Along with that, and Snapchat has announced that it will no longer promote the president's content. The only thing that didn't follow this line was Facebook, which has come face to face with me boycott advertisements.

Parler: The new social media free expression… of conservatives

Parler is not the first alternative platform to try to take advantage of the frustration of the big social media. How users interact and interact is similar to Twitter, and other microblogging sites. That is, users can post and get likes and comments.

Some of those who became members of the platform described it as a form of Twitter for conservatives. Rees Paz, a self-proclaimed center-left, wrote on Twitter that all users suggested to him by the app were conservative, from Trump's son to Laura Loomer, a conservative activist who had been excluded from Twitter.

However, even some of them find the new social media defective, which while promising to "do not disclose personal information dataUsers' privacy policy states that "can get information such as name, email, username and profile picture».

Those who choose to enter "influence networkParler's company is asking for additional information such as SSN (Social Security Number) of users or its verification VAT number.

As a result, many users were disappointed while the Mindy Robinson He wrote: "When he asked me for a copy of the driver's license for the basic functions that Twitter also has, I realized something was wrong. "


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