HomesecurityAuthorities shut down chat platform for criminals, EncroChat

Authorities shut down chat platform for criminals, EncroChat


The authorities enforcement of the law in United Kingdom proceeded to abolition of EncroChat encrypted communication platform, used for illegal activities. Also, the police arrested 746 people and proceeded to seizure of εκατο 54 million in cash, 77 weapons and at least 2 tonnes of drugs.

EncroChat was one of the largest providers of encrypted communications and offered a secure service exchanging messages for mobile phones. According to UK National Crime Agency (NCA), the service was used exclusively to coordinate and plan the distribution of illegal goods, to launder money from illegal activities, to carry out plans to kill rival criminals, etc.

EncroChat servers they no longer work.

The NCA said the EncroChat service had 60.000 users worldwide. About 10.000 of them were in the United Kingdom.

The NCA said it has been cooperating with internationals since 2016 services law enforcement to target EncroChat and other encrypted platforms communication used by criminals. Two months ago, partners in France and the Netherlands managed to infiltrate the platform.


The data collected was communicated through it Europol.

"Without the knowledge of users, the NCA and the police "They monitored their every move during Operation Venetic," the NCA said. "THE Venetic business is the largest and most important business of its kind in the United Kingdom ".

The users of the platform believed that their messages were secure, but the authorities had penetrated the Encrochat network by installing one tool which allowed reading for months.

The NCA said it had created technologies that helped locating criminals-users of the platform, analyzing millions of messages and hundreds of thousands of images.

According to the NCA, EncroChat realized business police on June 13 and told its users to drop their phones.

The messages to the users said "If it is the NCA, then we have a big problem" and "This year the police win".

"The penetration in this platform "It's like having one person in every top organized crime team in the country," said NCA Director of Investigation Nikki Holland.

Together we have managed to protect the public by arresting important criminals, the so-called "iconic untouchables" who have evaded law enforcement for years and now we have the evidence data to condemn them ”.

Holland also said that any criminal who uses a cryptocurrency phone he should be "very worried".

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