Homesecurity5.000 app developers receive arbitrary Facebook user data!

5.000 app developers receive arbitrary Facebook user data!

Facebook revealed a new incident yesterday privacy of its users platform of. Specifically, Facebook reported that 5.000 app developers continued to have access to its user data, even when they stopped using their app. The incident is related to a security check that Facebook added to the systems after the scandal Cambridge Analytica which took place in early 2018.

Following strong criticism from the tech giant for allowing app developers to access users' information more than they should, Facebook added a new mechanism to API which did not allow any application to access user data if they had more than 90 days to use it. However, this mechanism security in some cases it was not activated, thus allowing some applications to still have access to information users even after the 90-day break.


Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, vice president of the Partnerships platform on Facebook, said the company's engineers settled the issue the same day they located it. He added that the company had analyzed the internal log files to determine its scope violation of data platform users. In particular, he noted that the company's recent data show that the issue has allowed about 5.000 app developers to continue receiving user information. However, the company did not specify exactly how many users were affected and provided their data to app developers, even after they stopped using their app.

Facebook stressed that its systems did not extract more user data than its users initially allowed it to have. access, which means that if users did not change their profile details, the applications already had their data. In addition to revealing a new privacy breach, Facebook also announced new terms and policies for the platform. developers of. According to Papamiltiadis, the new terms limit the information that app developers can share with third parties without the explicit consent of Facebook users, and also ensure that app developers understand that they have a responsibility to protect users' data if they use the platform. and the Facebook user base to create their own business.

In general, in recent months, Facebook has filed several lawsuits against app developers who abused its platform, while the new terms and policies will prevent app developers from attempting to violate the company's rules again.


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