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COVID-19: New research looks for antibodies in blood donors

H American Red Cross examines the blood that has come from donations, and looks for antibodies Mesures COVID-19 which will give her information about its spread. If antibodies are found in a blood donor, they check him again to see how long they last in his body.

COVID-19: New research looks for antibodies in blood donors

When someone has their antibodies virus, means that at some point he was infected with it. At the moment, the tests may not be at their best, but many people want to do them, especially those who think they have COVID-19, but couldn't control it when they got sick.

According to the vice president of scientific affairs of the Red Cross, Susan Stramer, one of the goals of the search for antibodies is to encourage people to donate blood. The measures security and the government's order "We stay home"They had a serious impact on blood supply, as much less people donated blood than usual.

Since June 15, when the blood test for antibodies was announced, the organization has seen an increase. 150% in blood donation.

When someone donates their blood to the Red Cross, they agree to use a sample of it in the investigations of COVID-19.

«We get 40% of its blood supply country, so we have a good picture to say how many people were found with antibodies. So far, so good data at 2 weeks, his antibodies were detected in 1.2% of the blood samples coronavirusSaid Stramer.

Her next step organization is to contact the blood donors who have the antibodies and ask them if they are interested in participating in the continuation of the study, monitoring changes in their antibody levels over time.

These antibodies will help protect people from COVID-19, but there is still much to be done by scientists. They still do not have data on the duration of antibodies in the body, while some indications believe that they may remain only a few months, and especially in organisms that had not appeared symptoms.

American Red Cross is also involved in a national study, with support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This research includes various blood donation organizations, and will monitor the percentage of the population with antibodies.

COVID-19: New research looks for antibodies in blood donors

«It's definitely the biggest blood test I've ever done, "He said Michael Busch, its director Vitalant Research Institute. Each study will include 50.000 blood samples.

People who want to donate blood should be absolutely healthy, while there may be a gap from the time they are no longer sick until they are involved in the research, because COVID-19 is still present in the body.

Stramer stressed that it is very important to understand that many people who are healthy may have antibodies.

«It is aimed at people who may not have known they were infected, or who were infected and now have no symptoms.»


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