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UbuntuEd: The new operating system for e-learning

UbuntuEd: The new operating system for e-learning

The new operating system for e-learning In early May, young developer Rudra Saraswat announced his first personal project - Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04. Today, two months later, Saraswat also announced the first stable version of the new UbuntuED operating system, which is based on Ubuntu LTS 20.04 and was built specifically for students.

UbuntuEd 20.04 'Focal Fossa', therefore, is a new distribution, which was built for educational purposes and covers students from high schools to universities. According to the creator, the operating system is an improved version of Edubuntu Linux, which was once the official distribution of ubuntu, and was intended to meet the needs of online class rooms.

In other words, UbuntuEd is an alternative to Edubuntu, which can be used by children for their daily needs. In addition to common purposes, the functionally they also share some of their technical features. For example, the new UbuntuEd comes with a default unity7 environment. However, when login to the system, users have the option to use the classic GNOME environment.

Installed Applications on UbuntuEd 20.04:

As already mentioned, the main purpose of distribution is e-learning. For the same reason, the operating system comes with several applications such as Google Class room, Eclipse, and Tuxmath. In addition, the system also provides the ability to install additional applications, comfortably and quickly.

To be able to functional to provide the appropriate applications for his age user, Saraswat decided to split the applications into 4 different packages. More specifically, there is the ubuntued meta preschool package, which is for children under 6 years old, ubuntued meta primary for ages 6-12, ubuntued meta secondary for children between 13-18 years old, as well as the ubuntued meta tertiary, which is made for all students.

The following is a list of the most important applications in the packages:

  • Preschool: tuxpaint, gamine, parley, tuxtype, tuxmath
  • Primary: gnome-calculator, gamine, laby, tuxpaint, tuxmath, tuxtype
  • Secondary: gnome-calculator, laby, caliber, marble, einstein, lybniz, chemtool, inkscape, fritzing, tuxtype
  • Tertiary: gnome-calculator, caliber, chemtool, laby, openscad, inkscape, step, fritzing

In case you want to try UbuntuEd, you can go to the project page, and do λήψη of the ISO file.


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