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AMD: New drivers for 5600M MacBook Pros!

In June, AMD's Radeon Pro 5600M graphics card appeared on its MacBook Pro Apple, which is part of AMD's Navi 12 silicon and follows a total 50W power rating. The Radeon Pro 5600M graphics card has μνήμη 8 GB HBM2 video, with Apple's tech giant claiming that the new 5600M is up to 75% faster.

In late June, AMD released new Boot Camp drivers for the MacBook Pro Appliances with Radeon 5600M graphics card. The new drivers released by AMD can be used at Boot Camp during the boot process. Windows 10 in the new MacBook Pro. In addition, AMD states that the drivers have a review number of 19.50. In this way, the performance of Windows 10 on the MacBook device when a user uses the Boot Camp.

driving programs-MacBook Pro

The Boot Camp, which hit the market in 2009, is giving ability to holders - users Poppy install and boot their devices inherently in Windows. It should be noted, however, that Boot Camp does not replace the operating system MacOS, while users also have the option to switch between Mac and Windows when starting their MacBook Pro device.

While Boot Camp allows fast support for Windows, it still requires a user to have compatible graphics drivers to improve the performance of a computer's operating system. Microsoft. With AMD's new drivers, users will be able to make the most of the new MacBook and Windows 10.

Finally, Apple has confirmed that its Mac devices will go away Intel-based processors in custom ARM-based Silicon. The company also confirmed that the Boot Camp will be withdrawn when its first ARM-based Mac is released.


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