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The smart glove that translates sign language!

This glove is high technology translates sign language directly into speech, and enables deaf people to communicate with anyone!

The smart glove that translates sign language!

New device created by scientists, works with sensors, which pierced the user's fingers, and recognize every word, phrase or letter of the American sign language.

When the glove records the meanings, sends them wirelessly in a smartphone, and this in turn translates them into oral speech. The translation rate is approx one word per second.

Its scientists UCLA, who were in charge of the program, argue that this innovation will give deaf people the opportunity to communicate more easily.

«We hope it will make life easier for those who use sign language, and will communicate directly with those who cannot understand it. without the need for an interpreter, "Said the researcher Jun Chen.

It is estimated that approximately 100.000 with 1 million people use the American sign language, while over 300 sign language used by more than 70 million deaf people people in people.

However, the glove cannot translate British semantic, which is used by about 151.000 adults United Kingdom according to British Union of the Deaf.

In the past, researchers have built a similar one equipment live translation sign language, but it was a lot heavy and bulky, and of course it was very uncomfortable for those who wore it. According to Chen, the high-tech glove they made now is much lighter and much more comfortable compared to previous efforts.

The smart glove that translates sign language!

In testing the device, the researchers added sensors-stickers on users' faces, to record the expressions included in the semantic. Specifically, they placed them between the eyebrows and on one side of their mouth.

«In addition, we hope it will help users learn more about sign language. "

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