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Samsung's new 870 QVO SSD will reach 8TB!

870 QVO SSD: H Samsung Electronics presented the new one quad-level cell (QLC) solid-state drive (SSD) with capacity up to 8TB, for their users computers.

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Samsung's new 870 QVO SSD will reach 8TB!

Although the company is famous for premium brands in the field of SSDs, the series QVO It is known for two things: prices based on budget and high capacity. With the new models, the company will play an important role in the market of low-cost SSDs, with large capacity and logic. Prices.

The new 870 QVO SATA SSD comes in 4 versions: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB with their prices being at $ 130, $ 250, $ 500 and $ 900 respectively.

According to Samsung, the new SSD combines improved performance and greater capacity. The company even stressed that it is an excellent product for both of them simple users as well as for professionals.

The history of QVO begins in November 2018, with circulation of the first low cost QLC SSD, 860 WHICH, capacity 4TB.

The 870 QVO has successive write and read speeds reaching up to 560Mbps and 530Mbps respectively. In addition, it comes with "Intelligent TurboWrite technology», Which adjusts the buffer size on optimal level which can be reached within the disk space available for use. "This will allow him to maintain performance levels at the top." according to Samsung.

Also, the random ones speeds registration and reading will arrive 98.000 IOPS (input / output operations per second) and 88.000 IORS.

Samsung's new 870 QVO SSD will reach 8TB!

Finally, it has been upgraded Magician 6, to offer one more comfortable experience and the 870 QVO to provide 2.880TB endurance rating in the total registration bytes.

Most importantly, Samsung will also offer a three-year warranty for the 870 QVO SSD.

The company's work on computer memory was what brought the most profits in the first quarter. It is one of the few companies that, despite the pandemic Covid-19, is expected to continue to have high profits, due to increased demand in centers data.


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