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Facebook: Removes accounts associated with the "Boogaloo" movement!

Facebook announced yesterday that it had removed hundreds of accounts linked to the violent, far-right "Boogaloo" movement of USA, as the movement was described as "dangerous". In particular, Facebook stated that the movement is actively promoting violence. However, the company did not provide further details on the matter, saying it did not want to intervene in the ongoing police investigation.

In more detail, the company removed: 220 Facebook accounts, 106 Facebook groups, 95 accounts on Instagram and 28 pages on Facebook. In addition to these accounts and groups, he removed more than 400 other groups and 100 other pages that contained similar content related to the movement. The network Boogaloo will now fall into Facebook's policy for dangerous individuals and organizations, which prohibits postings relating to praise, support or representation of the movement.


The Boogaloo movement has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks over a series of violent incidents involving its supporters. In particular, an Air Force squadron was accused of killing a Federal Security Service officer and a California police officer in June, with authorities saying they found in the truck the suspect's belongings linked to the Boogaloo movement. In addition, in June in Las Vegas, three men were charged with conspiracy to destroy government and private property during protests on May 30. They have also been charged with possession of a Molotov cocktail, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In June, Facebook removed Boogaloo's teams from its proposal algorithms, but according to a report released a few days ago, the content of the Boogaloo movement is still recommended on the social network. In particular, Facebook said that the network of the movement seems to be based in various locations in the United States and the people who are in it, interact with each other in platform of. The company also added that the movement is promoting violence against civilians, police and government officials and institutions. In addition, members of this network seek to attract other followers, encouraging them to share the same content on the Internet and adopt the same appearance as other followers of the movement.

Boogaloo movement

The network has no distinct name from the wider movement. Facebook describes it as "the violent anti-government network based in the US." Its members used the services Facebook to organize, communicate and attract new followers. The Boogaloo movement (named after Breakin '2: Electric Boogaloo), which has been active for the past seven years or so, represents a loosely tied group of far-right extremists, some of whom are in favor of a second civil war.

The movement often changes the terms in which it refers to itself, as well as the clothes and insignia worn by its members, in order to escape attention. For example, "Boogaloo" has become "big igloo" and "big luau". The latter name is believed to be one reason why some fans show up in public wearing Hawaiian shirts. Facebook says it currently tracks at least 50 terms used by the Boogaloo movement as identifiers.


Ideas backed by Boogaloo's followers are not classified as close party. Most extremist members of the movement promote militant white supremacy and violence against the state. Other supporters have publicly expressed support for the movement's protests Black Lives Matter.

In the last two months, Facebook has removed more than 800 posts related to the Boogaloo movement, as they violate the policies of the company against incitement to violence. The company's threat detection teams are preparing for the possibility that Boogaloo fans will try to return to Facebook with new ones. identities and using different terms.

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