HomesecurityDatabases of 14 companies are sold in hacking forums

Databases of 14 companies are sold in hacking forums

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A "data breach broker", ie a type of seller / broker who takes data from data breaches and sells them on Internet, has put up for sale databases belonging to 14 companies. According to the broker, the databases of these companies, which are now in hacking forums, were violated by hackers in recent months (2020).

When a company is violated, the hackers, they usually steal accessible databases. These bases data sold directly to others hacking groups. But hackers often use it brokers to sell them on their behalf in hacking forums or in general on the internet.

In the last month, a well-known and reliable broker has sold many databases in hacking forums, which, according to him, were obtained from data breaches that took place in 2020.

Each of the fourteen databases for sale contains different information, but all include usernames and hashed codes access.

The databases belong to companies that offer: game sites, food delivery services, streaming services, online fashion and loans.

Of the 14 companies, only four were known to have been breached in the past. These are the HomeChef, Minted, Tokopedia and Zoosk.

According to the seller, prices for these databases start at $ 100. The most expensive can reach $ 1.100.

The companies that are alleged to have been violated are in the following table:

Company# of recordsAlleged Breach Date
DarkThrone282,825June 2020
Chalk2.2 million2020
Fluke353,321June 2020
Footters209,783June 2020
HomeChef8 million2020
JamesDelivery1.6 millionMarch 2020
KitchHike115,480June 2020
KreditPlus896,170June 2020
Minted4.3 millionMay 2020
Playwings4.1 millionApril 2020
I reveal1.1 millionJune 2020
Tokopedia91 millionApril 2020
Yotepresto1.4 millionJune 2020
Zoosk29.1 millionJanuary 2020

From the samples, data breaches seem legal, but the Companies have not confirmed any breach.

If they are real, however, selling them causes a lot of problems as well contain a total of 132.957.579 users. The information contained in these databases may be used for carrying out other attacks and frauds.

In addition, the broker sells databases of older companies, such as Star Tribune, EpicGames, ZyngaPoker, ReverbNation, Wirecard, ClickFunnels and many others.

If you have an account on any of the sites listed above, it's a good idea to change your password. If it has been used himself code and others sites you need to make the necessary changes there as well. Choose one unique and powerful code for all your accounts.

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