HomesecurityThe United States has banned the export of technological equipment to Hong Kong

The United States has banned the export of technological equipment to Hong Kong

The United States has banned the export of US-made defense equipment and technology that could be used for military purposes in Hong Kong. This restriction, which had previously only been applied in mainland China, came into force because of China's new security laws aimed at strengthening Beijing's control.

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On Monday, the US Department of Commerce and the State Department issued statements on ban, with the two divisions reporting its new security measures China in Hong Kong as a reason why the region no longer receives preferential treatment.

"With the imposition of new security measures by the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong, the risk of transferring 'sensitive' US technology to the People's Liberation Army or the Ministry of State Security has increased, while undermining the region's autonomy," he said. US Department of Commerce.

Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo He said the Chinese Communist Party was "gutting Hong Kong freedoms" with new security policies.

"As Beijing moves forward with the passage of the national law on safety"The United States will today stop exporting US defense equipment and take steps to impose the same restrictions on US defense and dual-use technologies in Hong Kong as on China," Pompeo said.

As reported for the first time in The New York Times, the new export ban comes as Chinese lawmakers make the final preparations for the passage of a national security law that could drastically reduce the Chinese government's protests and other criticisms.

The decision by the United States to ban the export of defense equipment and dual-use technology had already begun last month, with the US President <br><br>Donald Trump at the end of May to announce the abolition of some policy exceptions that faced Hong Kong differently from mainland China.

At the time, experts were concerned that the changes would affect Hong Kong and severely limit the ability of companies to carry out technological transport.

About 6% - $ 10 billion - of mainland China's imports from the US were shipped through Hong Kong in 2018, according to the Hong Kong government.

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