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Windows File Recovery: Microsoft's new tool restores lost files!

The new tool released by Microsoft in Windows 10 it is called "Windows File Recovery» and can recover your lost files!

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Windows File Recovery: Microsoft's new tool restores lost files!

The new feature was identified by the well-known informant "Walking Cat», And concerns publications from Windows 10 2004 and after. It will reportedly be able to help users recover archives damaged or lost due to computer failure.

"D.Was an important file accidentally deleted? Has all your hard drive data been erased? Windows File Recovery can restore your personal information data,"She says Microsoft.

Microsoft suggestsSignature" for retrieving data from a camera or an SD card, as it is not limited to recovery Microsoft NT file system (NTFS)).

«For photos, files, video and more, Windows 10 File Recovery supports different file types to ensure that your data is not permanently lost.. "

The recovery tool is aimed more at advanced Windows users, who are more familiar with system Command Prompt execution.

The page support Microsoft describes the new Windows 10 tool as a command-line application that can be used for it reset files that have been deleted from the internal memory and cannot be recovered from the Recycle Bin. It does not include recovery from storage in cloud and other shared network files.

The company advises users to minimize computer use if they are going to recover their files due to the way NTFS works.

«In the Windows file system, the space used by a deleted file is recorded as free space, which means that the file still exists and we can restore it. However, as long as you use it computer Other files are created that can be clicked on this free space.»

Windows File Recovery: A Microsoft tool restores lost files
Windows File Recovery: Microsoft's new tool restores lost files!

File Recovery for Windows 10: Default, Segment, and Signature.

The only way to recover files other than NTFS file systems, such as FAT and exFAT for SD cards and USB drives, or ReFS for Windows Server and Windows Pro for Workstations.

  • Default Mode: Uses the Master File Table (MFT) to locate lost files. According to Microsoftworks best when there is MTF and file segments, called File Record Segments (FRS). "
  • Segment mode: Does not require MTF but requires data segments. «The segments are the summary of the information in the file that NTFS stores in the MFT, such as name, date, size, type and cluster / allocation unit index.. "
  • Signature mode: All it takes is the existence of the data and it searches for specific types of files. «It does not work for small folders. To recover a file from an external device such as USB drive, you will only use signature mode,Says Microsoft.

Microsoft has made the following suggestions for using the new Windows 10 tool.

File SystemCircumstancesRecommended mode
NTFSDeleted recentlyDefault
Deleted a while agoFirst try Segment, then Signature
After formatting a disk
A corrupted disk
FAT, exFAT, ReFSRecovery file type is supported (See following table)Signature


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