HomesecurityChinese malware Golang targets Windows and Linux systems

Chinese malware Golang targets Windows and Linux systems

Cybersecurity researchers have identified a new cryptominer malware that targets both Windows and Linux computers. The malware is called Golang and is aimed at mining Monero, an open source cryptocurrency created in 2014, according to US-based company Barracuda Networks.

Golang malware

While the volume is still low, researchers have identified seven IP addresses associated with this new variant of malware so far - all based in China.

The researchers noted that malware "Golang" focuses on attacking web applications, application servers and non-HTTP services such as Redis and MSSQL, rather than targeting "end-users".

"Hackers are turning to Golang once again, as it is not usually detected by antivirus. As long as it aims vulnerable servers, is still one of the leading threats to exploitation Criminals "said Fleming Shi, CTO of Barracuda Networks.

Once the Golang malware infects a computer, it downloads the files based on the attacking platform. For Windows computers, malware also adds a user backdoor.

Organizations need to have a web application firewall and be properly configured as the new Golang malware spreads by scanning Internet for vulnerable machines.

If organizations are aware of how this malware variant works, it can help them monitor Windows and Linux servers in the event of such malicious activity.

"We can protect organizations from this malware by monitoring endpoints for suspicious activity, as well as increasing use CPU, which is associated with most cryptominers, "said Shi.

Additional information about the above news has not been released so far, with the news not being confirmed by SecNews. The article will be updated with additional information if the above is confirmed.

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