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Shutting down GitHub affects thousands of developers

This morning, GitHub encountered problems that affected the work of thousands of developers. THE service, which provides Git version control and hosting for software development and is owned by Microsoft products, had operating problems for more than two hours.


The users GitHub encountered difficulties in entering the service, while some of them could not use the development environment (IDE), due to the close connection between the development of software and the service.

In a statement GitHub initially said it was investigating the shutdown operation, and then managed to locate them errors and correct them after more than two hours of interrupting the smooth operation of the service.

GitHub is a large code repository that has become very popular among developers and companies that host their entire projects on it or use the service to program. Some of the major technology companies using the service are Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and many more. There are more than 100 million repositories hosted on GitHub and 40 million developers contributing to them.

Microsoft acquired the service in 2018, for $ 7,5 billion, and has since made many changes and improvements to make it better for developers. The company cut the price of GitHub's most popular paid programs earlier this year and moved a key feature of all of these programs to its free version.


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