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iPhone 12: Charger and headphones will be sold separately!

The packaging of Apple's new iPhone 12 will be quite different from previous models, and will affect the wallets of Apple fans.

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iPhone 12: Charger and headphones will be sold separately!

Apparently the company does not intend to include charger in the new package and will be sold separately from the device.

According to news announcement of the analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who is considered by many to be “prophet of Apple"This is very likely reputation to become a reality for the new iPhone 12. Kuo reports that later this year, the company is going to release a new one adapter with 20W power, as an optional accessory for existing 5W and 18W.

As the picture leaked last week shows, the 20W charger will be similar to the 18W version, and will support adapter with USB-C for fast charging. The first time Apple included a fast charger in its packaging was last year with the devices iPhone 11 Pro.

The big hit for Apple fans will be the removal of the headphones, in addition to the charger. Favorites EarPods, which have been accompanying iPhone devices for the last decade, we won't see them on the iPhone 12, as Kuo claims, Apple wants to increase demand for wireless headphones, Airpods.

The analyst believes that the reason for this change is increased production costs due to network support 5G. Therefore, we conclude that the price will not change much and will be similar to that of the iPhone 11.

However, even if we saw a reduction it wouldn't make much sense, as many users would have to buy an extra charger or headphones. The cost of the 18W charger and EarPods from Apple is $29 each, something that would bring the reduced price to the same levels we are used to.

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iPhone 12: Charger and headphones will be sold separately!

Of course, now with the removal of these accessories from the iPhone 12, and the price does not change, many will have to pay more.

Analysts at Kuo have the same opinion.Barclays», And argue that the only thing that will be included in the new smartphone will be the Type-C charging cable.

In previous years, new models have been introduced every September. This year because of his pandemic COVID-19, it has not been made clear when we will see them, and it is definitely a very different year.

Her guesses Barclays want the production of the iPhone 12 to is 4 to 6 weeks behind from the schedule it had in previous years. They expect that the new iPhone series will be announced in September, and that the models will be released gradually.

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