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Coca-Cola: "Cuts" its ads on social media for a month!

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said in a post on the company's official website that the soft drink giant is suspending its ads on all social media for at least 30 days, starting July 1st. This move by Coca-Cola is part of a broader boycott of its platforms. Facebook and Instagram, organized by NAACP, the most important organization for the defense of African Americans, Color Of Change, ADL (Anti-Defamation League, Jewish organization), FreePress and Sleeping Giants, in a campaign called "Stop Hate For Profit". However, because Coca Cola stops any promotional activity not only on Facebook and Instagram but also on other social media, its decision will affect the TwitterThe the UAF YouTube-channel and other platforms.

In particular, Quincey said that Coca-Cola will try to re-evaluate the standards during this time. advertising and its policies to determine if internal revisions are needed, and will assess what more it needs to expect from its social media partners to get rid of platforms hatred, violence and inappropriate content. He added that Coca-Cola will inform popular platforms that it expects greater accountability, action and transparency from them, as, as he said, there is no place for racism either in the world or on social media. The same move was made before Coca-Cola by Unilever and Verizon. In addition, the multinational beverage company "Diageo" announced that it will suspend paid ads worldwide on major social media platforms, from July 1.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced a series of policy changes on its platform that, although they do not explicitly respond to the boycott, appear to have been designed to address many of the company's strong criticisms from time to time, and especially recently over its lack of mitigation. violence, threats, hate speech and misinformation. The reason for these reactions was publications published by their President USA, Donald Trump as well as other controversial accounts and pages on the Facebook platform.

The non-profit organization "Color of Change" together with its partners, including ADL and NAACP, launched this campaign on June 17 and so far more than 100 brands have participated in it, including Coca-Cola. Color of Change president Rashad Robinson said Friday that Hershey's chocolate brand is also involved in the boycott.


A Facebook spokesman told The Verge that the company invests billions of dollars each year to keep its community safe and is constantly working with outside experts to review its policies. He even mentioned that Facebook has opened the control of civil rights and has banned 250 "white" organizations from Facebook and Instagram. The investments he has made in Artificial Intelligence AI means it finds almost 90% of "Hate Speech" before users report it, according to a recent report by EU, Facebook rated more hate speech reports in 24 hours than Twitter and YouTube. The Facebook spokesman also noted that the tech giant is working with political rights groups, GARM and other experts, in an effort to develop even more tools, technologies and policies to continue this fight.

Η campaign "Stop Hate For Profit" started last week, with the participation of popular sports brands such as "The North Face" and "Patagonia". This campaign was also supported by the popular ice cream brand "Ben & Jerry" and the movie distributor "Magnolia Pictures". Honda has announced that it will also participate in the campaign and suspend its Facebook and Instagram ads in July. The Stop Hate For Profit campaign, through the Los Angeles Times, calls on all businesses to show solidarity with the deepest American values ​​of freedom, equality and justice and to suspend their Facebook ads in July. Finally, he stressed that all together must send the message to Facebook that their profits will never be worth promoting hatred, intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism and violence. Coca-Cola and many other brand brands have already responded to this call and now it remains to be seen what impact this race will have on popular platforms and their activity.

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