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Smart-toilets: How to help monitor your health

The ones are coming bathrooms «smart-toilets», Which will analyze the composition of urine and feces, and will help control of health your!

Smart-toilets: How to help monitor your health

«Many people do not visit their doctors, not even once a year, and usually only visit them when something worries them. If we can watch a person much more often, we will be able to pick up data that will allow us to be ahead of his health care, "He said Josh Coon, head of researchMorgridge Institute"And a professor of binary chemistry at university"Wisconsin-Madison».

By analysis of the chemical elements found in urine and faeces from smart-toilets, scientists will be able to form a history for each person, to watch systematically his health, and find diseases as soon as they appear.

Take, for example, a person with diabetes. In this case it may appear high levels of glucose in the urine before it occurs symptoms. While those with chronic conditions and high urinary protein levels may mean renal failure principle.

In both cases, the sooner the diagnosis is made, the easier it will be to succeed medicine intervention and avoidance of worse effects.

«In my opinion, if you want to get more frequent measurements from people, you need to find a way to do it without having to change their habits.. ” And that's how the idea for smart-toilets came about.

The director of the Molecular Imaging Program, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, and his team have begun investigating them possibilities their. The smart toilet they built, records and analyzes the condition of the user's feces, while analyzing their composition, looking for signs of molecules that could indicate cancer, and more.

Except for the smart-toilets in progress, in the same pattern for him detection Diseases are also moving and the creation of toilet seats for individual cases. The "Heart Health Intelligence», Which makes a seat aimed at detection heart problems, recently received $ 2.2 million in funding.

Smart-toilets: How to help monitor your health

«I believe that many people will agree that the possibility of daily monitoring of their health will be a huge development., "Coon added.

Even if we don't see smart-toilets soon, the best thing to do is to see your doctor more often, and not wait for things to happen. seriously.


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