HomesecurityCISA: Electronic threats to COVID-19 research centers

CISA: Electronic threats to COVID-19 research centers

Ο Bryan Ware, Director-General cybersecurity of the service "Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency" or else CISA, said that her government America has a secret list of institutions research for the coronaio, to which he will give advanced cyber security.

CISA: Electronic threats to COVID-19 research centers

The Ministry of Internal Security, DHC, sent thousands of personalized alerts for possible vulnerabilities in the medical field. The specific messages do not constitute a violation, but provide a preview of their potential goals hackers in the medical industry.

According to the official who spoke on Wednesday, in an online seminar of the cyber security company "CrowdStrike"Notices have been sent since his pandemic began COVID-19.

The list of organizations mentioned in CISA as institutions "Level 1", Is a series of less than 100 universities and pharmaceutical companies, working to create and distribute vaccines or other treatments for the virus. Everything is a target for the elite of hackers.

«With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic we realized how important the health sector is, "Said Ware emails of.

The new figures show that the government has handled threats to cyberspace during the Corona crisis, threats from advanced hackers, with state support.

In May, CISA and FBI have issued a warning to China, claiming it is involved in a powerful campaign hacking for institutions researching the corona, as a continuation of the long-running intellectual property espionage campaign.

In addition, the researchers found similar campaign from Iran, without, of course, being clear how effective their efforts are.

The first step of the list is part of the CISA mission, originally referred to as "Project Taken», After the excerpt released in March by the director of the service, Chris Krebs. The name is a reference to his film Liam Neeson, in which "the protagonist sends a clear message to the bad guys that he will use his special skills to protect what matters to himSaid Ware.

The service considers that all this is part of the initiative that o <br><br>Donald Trump calls "Operation Warp Speed», An attempt to speed up the research of the COVID-19 vaccine.

CISA: Electronic threats to COVID-19 research centers
CISA: Electronic threats to COVID-19 research centers

«We have placed special emphasis on level 1 institutions, asking our partners to take care of them.».

Those of the organizations listed refer to it, may dpush the devices with which they are connected to the internet to check for vulnerabilities.

The FBI and the Department of Health and Human Services are compiling the famous list. CISA gathers information on possible cyber threats from various organizations, such as the National Security Service, and groups "Slack»Cyber ​​security officers.

«We have seen increased signs of critical vulnerabilities, and more importantly, this sector has responded faster than anyone else. We have not yet reached our goal, but we have made significant progress,Ware added.

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