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Facebook: It will recognize old news and notify users!

On our Facebook don't like old news and will warn you when you want to post news that has come out more than 90 days ago!

Facebook: It will recognize old news and notify users!

Coming soon means of social networking will notify you when you attempt to share outdated news. New notice will be released worldwide today, and will be available via emerging message, when the content you want to share is older than three months.

The purpose of the new feature is to encourage users to check if what they want to share with their friends on Facebook, is still relevant and still valid.

«In recent months, our interior research showed that the timing of an article is an important factor that helps people decide if they will read an article, if they will trust it and if they will share it., "He said John Hegeman, Vice President of "Feed and Stories».

The last upgrade based on tools news verification presented the 2018, such as adding more content to articles shared by users, including relevant news and information about the publisher from Wikipedia.

Facebook plans to try as well other forms of notifications in the coming months. One thing to consider is to direct users to the information center Covid-19, when someone publishes disease-related content.

Facebook: It will recognize old news and notify users!

Ο Hegeman he added that reproducing older news could be serious problem. When people recycle the same old articles, while these may have been updated and changed, can be very confusing to the general public.

While it's a significant move on Facebook's part, it's not the only social networking platform that wants to get users to control the content they're getting ready to share. Earlier this month, This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Twitter released a check Andorid, in which he asked users if they really read an article before including it in their tweet.

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