HomesecurityVenntel sells user data to government agencies

Venntel sells user data to government agencies

An investigation has been launched by US Monitoring and Reform Commission, on how Venntel collects and provides them data smartphone millions of Americans in government services.


The committee's members, Carolyn Maloney, Mark DeSaulnier, Elizabeth Warren and Ron Wyden, sent a letter to the CEO of Venntel, Chris Gildea, saying that they were examining whether this data could reveal the exact movements of millions of Americans. and children.

"We are looking for information on the provision of consumer location data by your company to federal government agencies for the purposes of enforcing the law without a warrant and for any other purpose, including intervening in the corona crisis," the letter said, adding that a huge number of Americans are circulating with it everywhere mobile His collection of such data raises serious concerns about it safety and privacy.

Venntel collects location data from applications smartphone, which it then offers for a fee to customers, such as Ministry of Internal Security (DHS), his criminal investigation department IRSThe FBI and other government agencies. Of course there are others Companies collecting data and then offering it to government and non-government agencies, using it for a variety of purposes. Sometimes they are even provided by the mobile phone operators themselves, which operate without regulatory supervision and may for years violate the privacy countless inhabitants of USA.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the letter asks for information about Venntel's customers and what measures it has taken to protect personal information in its data sets, as well as the sources of its data from 1 January 2016 until today.

Earlier this year, the WSJ reported that the DHS used the company's platform to track people crossing the border USA-Mexico. The FBI also recently renewed its contract with Venntel.

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