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Black Hole: Can It Finally Create Light?

The scientists they think they saw it unfold light through black hole, and more specifically from its union with another.

black hole
Black Hole: Can It Finally Create Light?

When the black holes rotate and collide with each other, creating small ones waves, which travel in space-time. The Earth's gravitational waves could receive them, but scientists thought that if that happened then there would be no light.

However, astronomers have identified what they believe may be a ray of light and was created when a black hole joined another.

The fact that they have named "S190521g", Was detected for the first time last year by them detectors gravitational waves. That fact must be taken into account. " space.

At about the same time, the organization "Caltech's Zwicky Transient FacilityHe observed sky for research purposes. So "they caught up»The light beam, and was later detected back in the same area as the gravitational wave. That was the reason why they managed to connect the two events.

«This huge black hole "boiled" for years until it finally made that abrupt flash. The light came at the right time and in the right place, so it's not a coincidence and it exists connection with the gravitational wave. In our study, we concluded that the light beam may be the result of merging two black holes, but we cannot completely rule out other possibilities., "He said Matthew Graham, professor of astronomy Celtech and a researcher in the ZTF program.

Astronomers may have already thought that this could happen, but they never saw it happen. They assume that this can happen when a black hole "nests»With another in a disk, which is surrounded by a larger one.

«In the center of most galaxies lurks a giant black hole. It is surrounded by a swarm of stars and dead stars, including smaller black holes,Said one of the authors of the study, n KE Saavik Ford.

«These objects circulate like wild bees around the monstrous queen in the center. They can immediately find a weighty match and join him, but they usually lose it in the crazy dance. Inside the disc, the flowing gas turns the frantic dance into a classic minuet, and so the holes are harmoniously joined.. "

Their union creates a new black hole, even larger than the others, and has such a boost that penetrates the disk gas. As it accelerates, it reacts and creates a bright glow that is visible and on Earth.

Black Hole: Can It Finally Create Light?

The results of the discovery were reported in its publication research «A Candidate Electromagnetic Counterpart to the Binary Black Hole Merger Gravitational Wave Event GW190521gWhich was recently announced in the Physical Review Letters.

The researchers were able to gather only limited information about the black hole, since by the time all the data were detected, the light had disappeared. They hope that in the future they will have the opportunity to develop it discovery them with similar facts.

With more light, and more details for this, they believe that they will be able to understand more about space and black holes, but also how it was formed.



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