HomesecurityAmazon: It wants to bring fraudsters face to face with justice

Amazon: It wants to bring fraudsters face to face with justice


Η Amazon is the largest online shopping of the world. In the e-commerce, η confidence of consumers is everything. That's why Amazon has tried to take some steps to keep away from it platform their e-commerce crooks. However, sometimes, some of them can exceed the first level of defense. At this point, the new Amazon division comes into play.

Amazon is creating a new section, which will control traders trying to promote fake products on its platform or deceive them users. The company's ultimate goal is to brings them face to face with justice.

Amazon already has a strong anti-fraud department, which, in many cases, is able to exclude suspicious products and malicious traders before they can even post a product to πώληση. Last year, h company created it Project Zero, to prevent fraudsters.

Even with all these precautionary measures, some crooks manage to gain access to the company's online marketplace.

The newly established unit "Counterfeit Crimes UnitIs one interdisciplinary team because it consists of experienced researchers, former federal prosecutors and analysts data who have taken on the task of investigating cases in which sellers manage to get through the first layer of Amazon's defense. The members of the special group will have access in data Amazon will collect information from payment processors and use this information to reveal the true identity of the fraudsters.


With the help of law enforcement authorities, Amazon could bring swindlers to justice. That, after all, is her goal. Members of the Counterfeit Crimes Unit will also work directly with brands to do joint research or to discuss their findings from individual research.


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