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YouTube: Experimenting with a new TikTok type feature


The YouTube, trying to "hit" the popular TikTok, announced on Wednesday that it is starting to tries a new function for cell phones, which will allow users to pull video "Multiple sections" lasting 15 seconds. Note that the duration of the video is the same as that of TikTok as well as its new corresponding feature Instagram, Reels.

The users YouTube will see an option to "create video" in the upload stream.

As in TikTok, so here user he can press and hold the record button to drag his clip. It can then press again or release the button to stop recording. This process is repeated until a 15-second video is created. Once the registration is complete, YuuTube will combine the clips and upload them as a unique video (as does TikTok).

The introduction of this new feature also means that users who want to download video more than 15 seconds will no longer be able to do so within the YouTube app itself. Instead, they should shoot the video at phone and then download it from their phone collection to post it on YouTube.

YouTube did not provide further details on the new TikTok-type experimental feature. He did not say, for example, whether data and functions would be entered, such as filters, effects, music, AR or buttons to change video speeds, etc. These are tools making a TikTok video special.


This is not the first time YouTube has imitated an opponent

In 2017, YouTube released one alternative to Instagram Stories. But the YouTube Stories they can't satisfy the TikTok audience, as TikTok has nothing to do with personal vlogs or theatrical-dance content. This requires a different workflow and different tools.

YouTube confirmed that the videos in this experiment were not being downloaded as Stories, but did not provide details on how the 15-second videos could be found in application YouTube.

The news of the new YouTube experiment comes after TikTok announced its release TikTok For Business, his new platform aimed at brands and traders.

YouTube says its new feature is being tested on both iOS as well as in Android.

"We are always experimenting with ways to help them users find, watch, share and interact more easily with the videos that interest them most. We try some tools that will allow them users "to discover and create videos soon," said a YouTube spokesman. "This is one of the many experiments we are constantly doing on YouTube and we will consider releasing the new features based on the feedback we receive," he said.

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