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Olympus: Leaving the camera space!

Olympus is out of the industry game photography, and sells the camera business!

Olympus: Leaving the camera space!

Most of the Japanese company's revenue comes from production medical equipment. According to an announcement on Wednesday, he decided to sell the camera business to the company "Japan Industrial Partners", Which in 2014 acquired the"V"Of her Sony.

Η πώληση of Olympus marks it end of her cameras, which began to be made in 1936, when they presented the cameras "Zuiko». In 1972 he sold the first light camera called "OM", and in 1991 "Infinity Stylus compact point-and-shoot".

In 1996 she released her first digital camera, and together with Kodak and Fujilm, brought us to the age of the digital camera with its feature interchangeable system Micro Four Thirds lenses.

But the time has come for them smartphones destroyed the digital camera industry, and Olympus's consumer segment has seen losses in each of the last three years, despite efforts to rebuild.

Of course, the camera business represents only a small part of its total shares. The CEO, Yasuo takeuchi, last denied the rumors of a sale in November 2019.

The agreement with Japan Industrial Partners is expected to close permanently September, while the financial details of the transfer have not yet been announced.

Olympus: Leaving the camera space!
Olympus: Leaving the camera space!

Due to the strong historical strategy of Japan Industrial Partners, the agreement stipulates that the new owners will continue to produce and develop Olympus camera technology for new products. Of course, there is no mention of whether JIP will continue under the same name.

The company was hit by a series of disputes, including the huge 2011 corruption scandal that surfaced loss over $ 1,5 billion from investments and covert payments in organized crime unionsYakuza».

We may have been hearing rumors for a long time about the company's intentions to sell the camera business, but now it is more true than ever.

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