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Twitch for the categories of sexual harassment by streamers

In a blog post posted Wednesday afternoon, Twitch said that they have prioritized the issues and will start imposing penalties.

Twitch for the categories of sexual harassment by streamers

Η Publication comes several days after the announcement that explores them accounts involved in sexual harassment and abuse from streamers of its platform.

"It simply came to our notice then we will start issuing permanent suspensions, depending on the data we have collected so far. "

Twitch's post may not mention it complaints by difference victims who alerted it to offensive streamers and received no response, but in recent hours it has blocked many famous accounts from it platform.

The streamer JessyQuill made one list of all complaints published, branded and anonymously, against streamers. Create one Google spreadsheet document, which includes in addition to claims and answers.

 Many of the users contributed to the compilation of the list or published for "Twitch BlackOut»On Wednesday, in order to put pressure on the service and him Emmet Shear, CEO, to respond.

Twitch streamers
Twitch for the categories of sexual harassment by streamers

The list of recently excluded "Twitch Partners" on contains many names on the list such as "BlessRNG", "Wolv21", "WarwitchTV" and "IAmSp00n".

«We are examining any case that has been communicated to us as soon as possible, while we try to ensure the proper due diligence process, as we evaluate these serious allegations. We have prioritized the most serious cases and we will start issuing permanent suspensions based on the findings we have so far. ΣIn many cases, the reported incident did not take place on Twitch, so we need more information to draw a conclusion. In some cases we will need to report the incident to the competent authorities, who are responsible for settling them and conducting the appropriate investigation.. "

The responses of other streamers and the spectator community who are pushing for a solution to the issue, claim that Posting is a good start, but there is still a lot to be done.


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