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Google: User data will be deleted automatically

Google is making changes to some of its settings to automatically delete some of them data of users it collects.


Website and application activity, including a record of site and page searches, as well as data location, will be automatically deleted after 18 months. Its history YouTube, including the video monitored will be deleted after 36 months.

Initially, the changes will only apply to young people accounts, but the existing ones users will soon receive new instructions to customize their settings.

This decision by Google is a result of the growing criticism of big technology companies for data collection.

The US Department of Justice She is scheduled to meet with prosecutors to discuss Google's punishment for unfair conduct, including a allegation that her online search is being abused.

In addition, on Tuesday, a German court imposed restrictions on the data collected by the court Facebook for local users.

About the new option

As early as May 2019, Google released the automatic deletion check, which allows users to select the regular deletion of files collected about them from company.

Google says the data it collects helps it to provide personalized suggestions to each user and make their products better. He added that the automatic deletion policy will not apply to photo-related log files, the gmail and the cloud storage unit in Drive, as they are not used for advertising purposes.

The company justifies its decision not to apply the change to existing accounts, saying it does not want to delete user data without their permission.

However, all users will have the option to delete their data after some time.

Long-term users will see other measures, however, such as the appearance of the new "guided tips".

For example, if someone uses Google Search to ask if their account is secure, a box will appear that will show their settings and provide a way to customize them.

In addition, other changes will be introduced soon. If a user chooses to share their location device with a friend, he will be notified later that the license is still active and will be asked if he wants to deactivate it.

Google also said it has made it easy for anonymous browsers to access its applications, a setting that blocks data entry, allowing users to activate it by constantly tapping their profile picture.



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