HomesecuritySony Playstation: Bug bounty program with fees over $ 50.000!

Sony Playstation: Bug bounty program with fees over $ 50.000!

Sony PlayStation

According to a representative SonyThe company started one bug bounty program for PlayStation Network and gaming console PlayStation 4.

The program aims to reward researchers security they will find errors in Appliances and websites related to PlayStation. Then the researchers should report their findings to the group security of Sony to be corrected before cybercriminals take advantage of them.

Sony says it intends to give researchers rewards from $ 100 to $ 50.000 (or even more) for them vulnerabilities located in the company's products.

As mentioned above, the company is asking security researchers to look into it Gaming Sony PlayStation 4 console, its operating system system, the official PS4 accessories, but also the PlayStation Network and related websites.

Bug bounty program

Sony's new bug bounty program will be managed through it HackerOne, a platform that hosts such programs for some of the largest Companies of the world as PayPal, Twitter, Snapchat, Shopify, General Motors, Slack and Uber.

Sony is the latest on a list of the three major gaming companies to announce an official bug bounty program. THE Nintendo was the first company to started the program in 2016 and followed by Microsoft for gaming platform Xbox, in January 2020.

Sony is the latest in a row, but offers the greatest rewards to security researchers, as the highest amount exceeds $ 50.000. The Microsoft and Nintendo give up to $ 20.000.

Sony has always been interested in the security of its Playstation and gaming platforms in general. Hackers often target gaming accounts, which they usually violate in order to use them in other scams or sell them online and on hacking forums.

In April, cybercriminals used a vulnerability in an old authentication mechanism Nintendo and infringed more than 160.000 user accounts. Recent analyzes have shown that the actual number of infringed accounts reaches 300.000.

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