HomesecurityVirusTotal: Adds new threat detection features!

VirusTotal: Adds new threat detection features!

VirusTotal, the online courses sweeping service archives Before users even downloaded them and let them know if they were malicious or not, he announced that he had recently added new features to detect threats, with the help of an Israeli cybersecurity company. VirusTotal was created in June 2004 by the Spanish security company Hispasec and was purchased by Google in 2012. Provides a free online service which analyzes suspicious URL files and addresses in order to detect threats, which it automatically notifies the security community. By attacking new types and samples malware, the researchers rely on fast and direct tracking as well as information provided by VirusTotal, which helps them keep companies safe. cyber attacks. VirusTotal is based on a continuous flow of new malware discoveries, aiming at protection of its members from serious or irreparable damage.

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What are the new features that VirusTotal adds?
Η Cynet, which is the creator of the autonomous platform for protection against violations, has now integrated the Cynet Detection Engine into Google's VirusTotal. This partnership has many benefits. Indicatively, Cynet provides first-hand information to VirusTotal's partner network about threats from the ML (CyAI)-based machine learning detection machine that actively protects the company's customers around the world. CyAI is a continuous learning and evolving tracking model that provides information on new threats that are not available on VirusTotal. Although many suppliers use AI / ML models, the ability of models to detect new threats varies. Cynet usually outperforms third-party and open source tracking platforms and relies on incident response when the underlying threats are not detected by other similar solutions. Cynet, for example, recently made a commitment to respond to incidents involving a major telecommunications provider. Cynet also discovered a large number of malware files that did not appear in the database data of VirusTotal. The company says providing information on these recently discovered files helps its entire industry improve. performance as well as protect them businesses from any cyber attacks. In addition, Cynet will use VirusTotal information to update the CyAI model, in order to continuously improve its detection capabilities and accuracy. Cynet AI is constantly evolving and learning new data sets to improve its accuracy. Comparing files found to be malicious by CyAI with files found to be malicious by other providers contributes to the rapid and immediate validation of Cynet's findings.


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