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Jumbo App: Would you pay for a "privacy" application?

That's it Jumbo App protects it privacy and your personal data, and collects all privacy settings for it Internet in one application!

Jumbo App: All privacy settings in one application!

If we have learned anything about secrecy over the years and violations data is that we can't trust her protecting our privacy in large companies technology.

A company like that Facebook, can definitely offer one great variety of possibilities and privacy settings, but when these settings are constantly changing, confuse users. Even with the strictest settings, it's easy for you locate everywhere on the internet. Jumbo is coming to fill exactly these gaps that make you vulnerable.

The popular app synchronizes with them online accounts and scans privacy settings to let you know which one you should consider changing. Jumbo can guide you through things like this lock your profile in Facebook, The deleting recordings Alexa, even the archiving your old ones tweet.

A very important feature of it is that does not store users' personal data or login details and does not collect their information.

Jumbo was released about a year ago, and has now decided to extend the privacy account to its accounts. Instagram and LinkedIn. Its new function will be able to block ad tracking programs when browsing the internet or when using other applications.

The changes made to the application represent the first steps of the company for a profitable business that will not be based on user data. After its upgrade, it is available in 2 paid versions: "Jumbo Plus" and "Jumbo Pro».

The Plus includes support for Instagram and Messenger, as well as the ability to monitor data management that is breached and affects you. Version Pro offers extra the addition of LinkedIn and blocking ad tracking. It also comes with a built-in "Spycloud», Which can locate information from your credit cards and other personal information at Dark Web.

What will be interesting will be if its users jumbo are willing to pay for these services. The company has chosen a model "pay for what you think is best, Which allows users to spend anywhere from $2.99 up to $14.99 per month for premium application features.

Jumbo App: All privacy settings in one application!

Ο Pierre Valade, CEO and Founder of the Application “SunriseHe estimates that Jumbo is needed 100.000 subscribers in the next 2 years, so that it can be kept in the market. At first glance it may seem like a high goal, but in his opinion there are many people willing to invest in protecting their privacy.

«I think a lot of people are tired of managing their data online. They know that the problem will not be fixed by Facebook and Google, these companies have no incentive to do so. "


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