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Google employees: demand to stop working with the authorities

An open letter asking Google to stop having it technology About 1600 of its employees signed up with the police company.


The letter is addressed to the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai and refers to the protests over racism and the increasing violence of the police authorities after his death George floyd and accuses the company that “benefits… from racist systems".

"We want Google to take real action to help eradicate racism," said the letter, which has been circulating on Google since Wednesday. "We, as a society, have gone beyond the point of supporting it Black Lives Matter It is enough, we must show in our thoughts, in our words and in our actions that the lives of people of color are important to us. ”

In the letter, the company's employees state that they are very disappointed with her attitude towards this issue, while they criticize the fact that she sells her technology to police, even advertising it. The letter also condemns Google for its indirect help in enforcing the law by providing drones to monitor migrants and donate to politicians with racist beliefs.

Earlier this month, Pichai wrote an open letter expressing the company's solidarity with the black community and he said that Google will give $ 12 million to organizations fighting racial inequality. Last week, it unveiled initiatives to hire more black workers at all levels, providing them with support within the company and announcing that it would offer $ 175 million to support black business owners and job seekers.

However, Google employees rightly pointed out that the company cannot claim to be interested in the black community, while at the same time helping the structures that put them at risk.

Complaints from Google employees have worked in older cases as well. In 2019, the company refused to renew its contract with the US Department of Defense, after thousands of workers signed a protest petition, while some resigned. Under the agreement, Google would use artificial intelligence to improve the targeting capabilities of military drones.

This new letter continues to garner signatures, but no one knows how it will turn out.


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