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Is Spotify preparing a video player?


Spotify is one of the most popular platforms music streaming, with millions of downloads worldwide. And now it looks like a video player will be released.

Spotify's new video player will compete with it UAF YouTube Μusic which also provides music video.

In accordance with MacRumors, the video player will be added to the screen "Now Playing”Of the application. The "Now Playing" screen offers a variety of content while one user is listening to music.

Spotify's Video Player and Canvas

The three new tabs that will be added, the album cover, the Canvas and the videos will include different content related to a specific piece of music. The album cover card will consist of the regular album cover or the characteristic image of an album.

Canvas will be a new experience for them users, as it will consist of parts of the video clip or related animations for a specific track. The last tab will consist of the video player, which will play the full video of the track.

Spotify vs. YouTube Music

Spotify is the leading platform of its kind and has gained a huge user base. It also offers a 3-month trial period, which has attracted many users.

So far, it has 286 million users and about 130 million subscribers worldwide.

YouTube Music, on the other hand, has only 20 million subscribers, which means it can't even be compared to Spotify. However, YouTube Music is a new platform and it is logical that it has not yet gained many supporters.

The only thing that made YouTube Music stand out was the integration of music videos and it was expected that this mode will play an important role in its promotion.

But it is now believed that Spotify could cause damage to YouTube Music with this new addition and even attract users who already have platform. It remains to be seen how YouTube Music will react to this new challenge and whether Spotify will be able to compete worthily.

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