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Apple has announced the new macOS Big Sur at WWDC 2020

At WWDC 2020, Apple announced the new macOS Big Sur

At today's WWDC 2020 event, Apple announced the next big one information of the macOS operating system. According to the company, the new operating system is called macOS Big Sur, and its main goal is to optimize the appearance, in order to reduce fatigue from use of the operating system.

In addition to changes in appearance, the system will accept some changes in its use. For example, the new version contains the "Control Center" option, which is located next to the notifications, and allows users to easily change the brightness, intensity sound, et al.

Now, depending on their source, notifications come in organized columns, instead of a single list. This allows users organize notifications more easily, as well as immediately turn off what they don't need. Also, the new operating system, offers the ability to add various additional tools to the notification menu.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has tried to improve the look of the operating system. For example, the background in the system menu is now even more transparent. Along with the advent of macOS, the company has also made changes to many of the operating system's applications. More specifically, the application "Finder" has been completely renewed, and is now even more efficient. Some other applications that have been improved are: Calendar, Podcast app, Apple Music, Apple Maps, Photos, etc.

Another change in macOS Big Sur is the new one Safari app. Now, the browser allows users to change the background and adjust the tabs difference. In addition, an option has been added for 'Privacy Report', which provides details on user security.

According to Apple, the beta version of macOS Big Sur is already available for developers. However, the first joint beta version will be released next month. THE company He also said that the stable version of the operating system will be available in late 2020.

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