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Microsoft Mixer: Streaming service closed - Twitch's competitor!

The technological Companies websites, services and software, but few could predict Microsoft's latest announcement. The company's streaming service, Mixer (and Twitch's competitor), will no longer be available, with Microsoft working with Facebook Gaming on its future aspirations for streaming. Although the finish services is not a new phenomenon in this industry, these new ones are likely to continue to surprise many.

Mixer streaming service has never been as popular as giant streaming giants like Twitch. Mixer was originally known as Beam.io, before Microsoft bought it. However, after the service has secured exclusive contracts with famous high-profile streamers, like Ninja and Shroud, it seemed that Microsoft had successfully entered the field of streaming services.

Mixer streaming service

However, the company closed its streaming service, Mixer, on June 22. She did not even hesitate to explain the logic that led her to this decision. Specifically, she stated that the time it took for the company to develop its own live streaming community at a satisfactory level, did not keep pace with the vision and experiences that Microsoft and the Xbox want to offer players now, so he decided to suspend them functions Mixer and help move the community to a new one platform.

This new platform will be the Facebook Gaming. The company has unveiled a detailed transition plan for all existing Mixer streamers that are willing and able to make this change. Mixer Partners will automatically be granted a partner status with Facebook Gaming. Obviously, those who signed exclusive streaming contracts with Microsoft will no longer be limited to those who are moving forward. Streamers, such as Ninja, are free to return to Twitch or switch to another streaming service, the choice is entirely their own.

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