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Facebook PIFuHD: the technology that creates 3D models from photos

A new technology, which was released by Facebook can and does create XNUMXD models of people from their photos. According to Slashdot, the new technology, called PIFuHD, works in multi-level architecture, which is based on a deep neural network that allows the creation of extremely detailed models. 3D from photos.


This technology could be particularly useful for image digitization in areas such as virtual reality and medical imaging. The demo of Facebook's new 3D image conversion feature is also available on Google Colab from where anyone can try it. users.

What is PIFuHD?

PIFuHD is the initials of the words Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization. Includes one end-to-end educational coarse-to-fine framework, which allows superficial learning for high-resolution 1D reconstruction of human models in XNUMXK image resolution.

Initially, the technology translates an image from the front and back and then provides the XNUMXD image in high resolution.

This is one of the most revolutionary achievements of 2020, as it can change the way we look at Virtual Reality and work wonders in the fields of medical imaging.

However, technology is in its infancy and still has some limitations. At present, the technology cannot accept images with a resolution greater than 1K.

An important reason behind this restriction is that accurate predictions also require more context. Memory restrictions on the current hardware it is also a challenge.

You can find more details about Facebook's PIFuHD technology here link.

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